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Are you aware of the causes of TMJ disorders? A TMJ disorder refers to a temporomandibular joint disorder that arises in the ball and socket joints in your jaw. If these are damaged, they can severely impair the functions of your mouth and cause problems with chewing, speaking, and eating food properly. Thus, it is important to always diagnose TMJ disorders that can arise.

If you have ever suffered a TMJ disorder due to a dislocation, arthritis, misalignments with your teeth and jaw, or bruxism, it is important to have it treated immediately. Always make sure to have the necessary recovery restorations in place, including ice packs for any inflammation that may arise, and heat packs to help treat pain. Also, be aware that TMJ disorders often go hand-in-hand with stress, so you should eat soft foods, meditate and practice yoga, or listen to calming music. For a highly effective oral appliance from your dentist, visit our office for a night guard or bite plate.

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