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If you’re troubled about whether you need dentures, don’t fret: the Arthur Kremer DDS staff and Dr. Arthur Kremer have put together this info for you. Read on and tell us about it if you have any further inquiries during your next appointment.

To diagnose whether you may need dentures. Dr. Arthur Kremer will check the current health of your mouth. If they find that you are missing an excessive number of teeth or that your remaining teeth are mostly in poor shape, they might suggest that you consider partial or complete false teeth. If you are only missing a couple of chompers and the teeth you do have are in awesome shape, they may suggest a dental bridge to replace the missing chompers instead of dentures.

The main need for false teeth develops from a lack of healthy pearly whites. This can be caused by periodontal disease, cavities or a number of other dental ailments. Grinding and pressing on teeth related to conditions like temporomandibular joint disorder can also cause tooth loss. Dental trauma, facial damage, pregnancy, malnutrition and drug use can also result in tooth loss. Whenever a tooth is missing, dentures could be an option.

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