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Are your teeth especially prone to cavities? Did your child just get all their permanent back molars? Dental sealants would be a great investment for your or your child’s oral health—and your pocketbook. Here you’ll learn why:

Dental sealants are like tiny raincoats for your teeth. They are slim coatings that cling to the tops of your molars, protecting the natural bone from food remains and bacteria, like a raincoat protects your body during a storm.

Did you know that dental sealants actually decrease the danger of molar decay by almost 80%? This is above all important for your little ones, since they are still learning the importance of oral hygiene. Incredibly, last year the Center for Disease Control reported that school-age children who don’t get sealants receive almost triple the cavities of children who do have them.

Here at Arthur Kremer DDS in Herscher, Illinois, we make the process fast and pain-free. The first thing we do is a dental cleaning. Then Dr. Arthur Kremer puts on a special acidic gel that abrades your teeth so that the sealant holds better. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Arthur Kremer applies the sealant to the chewing surfaces of the molars, shining a special blue light on the coating to harden it.

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